Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Subtle differences in processing make for very different images

This image was shot the night Annette and I were in the sunflower and corn fields. The scene was rather average until the raking light of sundown began to light the tops of the corn tassels, the side of the silo and brighten a stretch of grass in the foreground. As a photo its OK, no Grand Canyon at sunset, but we are not all photographing The Grand Canyon at sunset. With this image, I wanted to make a point about the subtle differences in processing an image from cropping to coloring to levels and curves decisions, selective brightening and color adjustments....The first image is a Photoshop "processed" photo. The second two versions are processed in Photoshop and then Snapart2....do you see differences (aside from the Snapart treatments)? how do the differences affect the scene, the mood and the effect on the viewer? Taking the image is not the end of the image making process.......processing makes a difference....it is as important as getting the exposure and composition right in the camera. I often have students say they don't want to spend any time processing they just want it to come out of the camera right...well what is right? the creative options are endless and processing is part of the process! What image do you like best?
Nothing beats experimenting.....now for today............

 After my renters called to tell me of some problems in my little rental house on Sunday....... I spent the day there in Federal Hill, mopping up the basement floor, trying to figure out what the source of the continued water flow was. Well, I was very happy that, after calling Gary Faulkner, he decided to assist me in doing an inspection. He determined what the issue was with the water coming from the AC: a non-functioning sump pump (the float was stuck) and a clogged AC drain..double trouble..so he helped clear the line and get the pump going...thanks so much Gary! Now I have scheduled the plumber to fix or replace the sump pump, and the outside hose bib which was also not working properly and BGE to further inspect the AC! Monday I meet the roofer there to see if they can determine the source of the water damage to the interior walls....yikes property management!
And I was going to go back to Kenilworth Gardens and do some real Lotus shooting today, oh well...

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