Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunrise Maybe....

Today I also tried to catch a good sunrise over the never know until you get up and get out there.......and every day the sea is different and the light is different...the storm really cleared out over night and there were no clouds except for a pretty big flat bank right at the horizon line when I arrived.  It took a while for the sun to break and as a result there was no spectacular color, but heck I had the Atlantic ocean with beautiful breakers in front of me so what was I complaining about! I made lots of images...400+ cracking shots one after the other well every few seconds I guess with some real slow exposures. When the waves are breaking hard and fast you can not anticipate, you just have to shoot and check your exposure often with fast changing light as it is at sunrise. The sun was well above the horizon before it actually broke through, then it went back behind some cloud cover which had drifted in and eventually came back as harsh light...I started shooting around 5:20 and was having some breakfast at McCabes by 7:00. These are a few from this morning; enjoy the breakers. It looks like it might be a good beach day....I could use a snooze!

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