Friday, July 16, 2010

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens Workshop

Left the beach last night and was very bummed out! The weather was awesome, the water was wonderful and it was just a magnificent beach day yesterday on the Delaware shore, but duty called. I was scheduled to lead a workshop for Penn Camera at the Kenilworth Aquatic amazing place! We had a great group and made lots of great  images shooting first in the shaded areas then on to the reflections in the water lily ponds......the participants were real troopers shooting the whole time in 90+++ temps. The cooler filled with iced water bottles I brought really came in handy...
I got to do a little shooting after the group left but by then everything was in bright sun light so I was challenged to think differently...thinking of the sun as a studio light on some close ups worked well, at least I think ; - ) , on the B&W conversions.
The multiple exposure technique also did fine on some plants on the edge of the pond, and playing with some floating lily leaves in bright light with reflected blue sky worked for me too.

After that I was about ready to drop from the heat, so I packed it up and headed for some lunch and a rest! Some of these I went a bit further with and added some Snapart2 effects...


  1. Lovely collection Karen. Very nice with all the heat and bright sun. I like your choice of processing.

  2. Very 'Monet-like!' Beautiful series, Karen. I love the Snap Art versions and also 'Water's Edge.'

  3. Thanks much, Barbara and Nancy. I was worried I was a bit over the edge with all this snapart stuff but it is fun to try different things and different the programs...