Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunflowers with Annette

Annette e-mailed me Saturday and asked if I wanted to go with her Sunday night and shoot some sunflowers on a farm in Maryland, so I said why not. She had been there the night before and didn't get one shot she saw as she was leaving so she wanted to return. Even though it was dreadfully hot, I didn't have any plans and I missed shooting at McKee-Beshers this year, so I went. When we drove up the tractor road at 6:30 pm the corn was a wall eight feet high and the sunflowers were all facing east.....hmmm..what to do...the light was still pretty harsh. After a few shots with the 70-200 and not liking it I switched gears to my 200 mm macro lens. There was a slight breeze, the light was fading and there were bugs and bees rattling the sunflowers busily gathering that was a challenge too...I dialed up my ISO a little but I don't like the image quality much over 250 in the now old Nikon D2x (time for a new camera).

Looking through a macro lens at a subject opens up a whole new world in your image making...and I began to see subtle colors and graceful curves, and then the bees and the butterfly. Then I played with some multiple exposures...and the corn......and the, but very hot. Thanks Annette!

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