Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thank Goodness the Mac keeps track of the days!

After a few days here it is sooooo easy to lose track of time, hmmm or is that need to look at a calendar, except to know when to go nothing just to be....and so yesterday, I decided it was too hot for even the I did a little shopping:stopping at the Sea Shell Shop in Rehoboth. Its a beach store with lots of beachy junk, but they sometimes have some interesting unusual things. This time I bought some Pina Colada Fudge (they make their own right there. The fudge case is right where the check out is and they have free samples so how can you resist!!!!), some little magnet note papers I keep on the fridge at the beach, which always come in handy for guests to write shopping lists or other notes on, and some Solitudes Cd's. They have the set up where you can try different sounds and they always get me with that! I like Beyond the Sea you can try it here too...It was Dan Gibson's the founder of Solitudes, last personal work before passing in 2006. I first came across these nature and musical blended recordings in a little gift shop in Northern Michigan in 1992 and enjoy them to this day. The story of their origination is an interesting one. Then I headed up to Prime Hook after seeing a group of Cattle Egrets in a drain ditch off Rehoboth Bay. I thought well why not..I was half way there after stopping at Lowes in Lewes for some household items...but there was nary a bird in sight. So I headed back, and made a few stops at some other little shops along the way.

After dinner, I decided it had cooled down enough to talk a stroll on the little boardwalk in Bethany. Kevin Flemming has opened a gallery there and has some very nice work displayed for sale. He is an amazing photographer that has settled in Lewes Delaware and published several books on Delaware (the slower lower part).
On the way back I finally did get my REAL Pina Colada and it was soooooo good and icy after a hot day! Today is a BEACH day....gotta go put some sun block on!

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