Monday, July 5, 2010

Beach Slug

Just as I was heading out to the beach today my cell phone rang. My friend Annette called to tell me yesterday's post gave her a good laugh when she thought of me laying in my chair with my camera sneaking some pictures on the beach. Actually she also loved the umbrella shot and said she could just see it as a postcard from anywhere beach town. So after chatting and laughing for a few minutes about my obsession....I headed back out to the beach. It was another beautiful, hot, blue sky day here at the beach! As I walked onto the sand with my flip flops the heat of the sand scorched my feet, I couldn't tell if it was actually coming through the soles or if it was the sand that filled them but it was hot! I looked for a place to park myself....I always like to get right up on the catch the breezes. There was a space not too far from the lifeguard stand and by some peach colored umbrellas...uh ohh more umbrella pics. (So I planted my umbrella and chair.) Well how could I resist, they were orange against a blue sky!
So I snuck my camera out of my bag with the same lens hook up as yesterday, the Lensbaby Plastic optic with the Lensbaby telephoto attachment and made some shots. Then I carefully wrapped it back in the grocery bags and put it in my beach bag. I did that every time I thought I saw a shot, from my chair. Well it is an interesting perspective low to the ground. I also went for a couple refreshing swims and enjoyed the beach today.
All of these are processed with yes you guessed it Alienskin Snapart2...I am beginning to get the full gist of that program. I like the Oil Paint and Impasto choices. There are many options once you are there like brush size lighting and focus area strength as well as canvas color and highlight color. I have settled on the settings I used consistently in these images as one of my favorite custom settings so far.
Three young and very pretty young girls came to the beach and seemed to act up trying to get the  life guards attention, doing somersaults and making some pictures of themselves. They were fun to watch, and yes I took their picture too....then one of the lifeguards friends came up and put on his coolie hat...I liked that view too so I also took his picture! The weekenders are already heading home as the highway is busy. Tomorrow is supposed to be hot as well so it should be another good day at the beach with fewer folks.


  1. Very nice Karen. Great perspective and color. Snapart is fun and you have applied it so well. Are you sure you were shooting the coolie hat?

  2. Nancy, you busted me: well it wasn't the coolie hat that got my attention, but when he put it on I had to take his photo!