Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beach Walk

As the late afternoon light began to soften I went out with my camera and I was a lazy tripod. I walked out on the beach for the first time since arriving last night and I was disappointed to see the beach had been filled in again by some dredging of sand and now the shoreline was a steep slope, tough to walk on instead of the sea flatten shoreline nature had created when I was down in May. Oh well, give it another couple months or a good winter...

There were no clouds in the sky and there were very little people on the beach. So I made a multiple exposure of the life guards chair still standing upright but facing away from the ocean. I left the beach and walked down Ocean Drive. Since the light was fading I decided it was a multiple exposure I shot the walk way to the beach, architecture and flowers all in multiple exposure mode with the idea I was going to play with the Snapart2 program. Well its a long way from tack sharp nature images, but I had fun....after all isn't that what it should be? Something different......


  1. Well?!?!? Don't you LOVE Alien Skin Snap Art? Great job using it here Karen. You are an artist!

  2. JB, thanks! Just havin' some fun! Oh and sorry to get back so late but I had to moderate comments due to a spam comment and then I forgot to check the comments! So thanks a bunch!