Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shoot it when you see it! Yes, it may never happen again...

     Today I was reminded once again of one of my fundamental philosophies regarding making images:            Shoot it when you see it!
How many times have you seen a shot and then for some reason said oh, I'll come back and get that! Well guess what, no you won't! The light will be different the subject will be different and you will never see that exact shot again! Trust me (I have said just that one too many times) and missed a few good opportunities. I also had that philosophy when traveling if I saw some jewelry I wanted only it was; Buy it when you see it! That became a philosophy after I passed up a pair of earrings I wanted and never saw them again. ; - ) as I looked out the kitchen window in the morning the butterflies were not there. A few came this afternoon and I had plans so I could not make any images. I am glad I made the decision to shoot them yesterday, who knows if they will be there tomorrow....this image is another of the series I shot yesterday. They might make a fun triptych.

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