Saturday, July 31, 2010

Girls at the Fair

Today I spent the day with some fellow photographers in Chesapeake City, with Steve Gottlieb, instructing the group on people photography. After a an hour or so in the workshop conference room we headed out to the Cecil County Fair. Steve cut us loose at the fair but was only a phone call away if needed. I never called but had fun and found my shots.....I fell in love with some little girls that were just being little girls at the fair......I made lots more shots, but these are some of my favorites from the day.


  1. While all good the lead image is especially good. It reminds me of an image I made in South Africa. Great stuff as always Karen.

  2. These are wonderful. I especially like the first and the last images. They are so natural with no stiff or posed feel at all. Very nice.

  3. Thanks John,
    I was going for that land far away look, who would expect to be able to create that at a local fair!
    and Thanks Jim, that is what I was going for; to try and capture a natural moment, although I must say the lead shot was posed, and she was such a great little subject!