Saturday, October 16, 2010

Color Riot

Today was a fun day working with workshop participants in the Susquehanna State Park. But boy it was windy, my face is still red from the wind. We were very lucky to have a little red canoe with fisherman show up and the group had fun making images. I did not because once again I was working, but the fisherman found me and asked for some images so I have e-mailed the participants and asked them for some red canoe files, to send on to the fisherman.

After the workshop, I came home and washed the Jeep, cut the grass and chilled tonight, playing with some images from the Tioga Forest where I have seen the best fall colors ever! I never, in my entire working life, had a chance to get out and really see fall's beauty because in retail at this time of year, you are rearranging selling floors, unpacking 40 foot trailers, holding and attending meetings and in general working 80 hours a week, six days a week, so I am so grateful to be able now to get out and really enjoy the beauty of the season!

Heading to the beach tomorrow for a few days..then back for the field shoot with he Hopkins students on Saturday.The first two images here are processed in snapart2 Impasto. The last image is two images blended in Photoshop. One is a blur zoom and the other a straight shot. The frames are processed in onOne software.

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