Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ocean City in B&W

Didn't get much photography in today, except for the Jeep shot. I was one night too late for the bonfire on the beach : - ( but I did meet a lady who was sitting alone on the beach with her dog, Bailey. He was so pretty. I asked her if I could take his picture, because my Daughter, Rachael is going to start a business and she has asked me for some dog pics. That intro led to a conversation. She lost her husband a few weeks ago and came to the beach from Pennsylvania to do some soul healing. She had to give up her horses which she loved, while she cared for her ailing husband at home. He suffered from Pick's Disease. In his healthy years he was a State Trooper for Pennsylvania. After her husband passed away, a neighbor who was moving offered to give her three of his horses. Now that's amazing.

The beach is a healing place for many people. Something about the sea! sun and sand! Hope to catch a sunrise tomorrow.

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