Friday, October 15, 2010

Delicate Fall

Fall and all its glory is here. I enjoy the delicate way in which leaves scatter themselves along the surface of streams, rocky ledges and the forest floor, creating lacy textures, and colorful patterns with their shapes. This collection of images was made in the New York State's Finger lakes area and in Maryland's Susquehanna State Park. All the images were run through snapart2 for a soft impressionist feeling.

I have had the pleasure of tutoring one on one with some very talented women photographers this week. That is always fun. On Wednesday I went to Fells Point and was very fortunate to witness the Great Schooners in the harbor, set sail for a parade of sails before the race out of Baltimore on Thursday morning to Norfolk. My student was photographing the event for her lesson and I was kicking myself for not having my camera! But I was working and it was about her not me, but it was still pretty cool to witness!

I am looking forward to my workshop tomorrow for Penn Camera at  the Susquehanna State Park and meeting Teri-Lou at the beach on Sunday.

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