Saturday, October 9, 2010

Last Day Finger Lakes

Today started early at Lucifer Falls in Robert H. Treman State Park for a little morning waterfall shoot. Lucifer Falls is grand but it was sunny so I picked some intimate areas in the shade to make some images.

I also played around with some tree swipes against the rocky walls.

After the falls we had some breakfast and decided to take different routes. I headed for a wild life management area and the rest of the group headed for Montour Falls. I did some two tracking through the woods and came upon a beaver pond, and made some reflection shots there. The fall colors here are beautifully golden.

After rambling a little I met up with the group, at Montour Falls. There we split again, this time three of us headed to a vineyard and had some wine. It was a beautiful day again, blue skies, no clouds and nice fall temps. At the winery we goofed around with our wine glasses on the deck.

I used my Lensbaby and had some fun shooting my wine glass outside. Doc, who was working in the winery commented on my Lensbaby, and I asked how he knew about Lensbaby, and he said he had been photographing a long time and gave me his card. He shoots sports and is a photographer, at Watkins Glen. Check out his site. After the vineyard, we headed into some farmlands and was able to capture some harvesting in the fields at sundown.

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