Friday, October 29, 2010

PDN New York City

Yesterday I took the Megabus to New York City for the PDN show at the Jacob Javits Center. It was a mad house, and if it is any indication of the economy then things are looking up! I took a quick spin through the very crowded show floor where I ran into Tony Sweet and Susan Milestone. Tony has two beautiful images on display in the Nikon space. I Stopped at the Lensbay booth and they talked me into a fisheye shot, not pretty but fun, its on Facebook. I left the show at noon to do some street shooting and take a trip up to the Met. It was an awesome day in New York City. Blue skies, warm temps and a slight breeze. I was shooting with the Lensbaby Double glass Optic all day, to keep it light and simple. When I stopped to chat with some NYPD, I said it's a great day to be in New York City, and he said every day was great to be in NYC! I thought, what a great attitude. So from 8th ave and 28th in the garment district to 5th ave. and 82nd, it was great to be in NYC. Did I mention I love NEW York! Such diversity! I enjoyed shooting the skyscrapers, thinking yes this is Gotham City! I also enjoyed walking around Central Park and making some images around the grounds near the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This shot is a Lensbaby multiple exposure. I was only disappointed when I could not make an image I had in my mind that I saw last year when I was leaving of the rail yards with all the tracks coming together, as the sun was low in the western sky lighting up all the converging tracks, when I stopped to shoot it I was quickly told by the gate guard I could not........OK, I get it, especially with all the recent activity in the news. I wish those d___  terrorists would stop it! and lets have some peace in the world!

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