Friday, October 8, 2010

A Rocky Day

Got out early because a light came on in the Jeep and I was heading into town to see about it and a few feet out of the drive it went off, so I photo rambled my way to a foggy marsh. Yahoo.

Then I headed toward Robert H. Treman Park to see about Lucifer Falls. Well I was a little late getting there because I stopped for some local pancakes and coffee! Been running  a lot~After parking and checking out the trails, I headed down the Gorge trail. Well the falls were in the sun by then but the rocky ledges were reflecting amazing colors and textures so I got wrapped up in making compositions there.
After hiking back up the Gorge trail, I met up with the rest of the photo buds on the trip at Ithaca, and we headed north on the East side of Cayuga Lake to scope it out for sunset. There was not much of interest but there was a nice rocky shoreline which I envisioned at dusk, so we went and enjoyed a wine tasting, shot some barns and came back for sundown.

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