Saturday, October 30, 2010

Simple Subjects Color Compliments

Its been a really pretty fall day here in the Mid-Atlantic but I really needed an office day and before filing away images from my New York City day trip on Thursday, I processed these images. Simultaneously I took another booking for my New York Photo Day Trip, which is great; it should be a fun day!
These images were made in Central Park, where a curved stainless steel slide in a children's playground area caught my eye. I love reflections and the smooth surface of the well worn stainless was reflecting the blue in the sky and yellow of the Locust tree leaves overhead. I look to employ complimentary colors in my images whenever I get a chance, it makes an image pop! In addition to blue and yellow there are some other complimentary pairings in the RGB color model , where primary colors and secondary colors are paired, are red and cyan,  green and magenta.
These  images were made with the Lensbaby Composer fitted with the Double Glass Optic. The first image was processed using Topaz Adjust to gain the color pop, all the images were run through onOne Photoframe twice and processed in Photoshop. And no I didn't throw those yellow leaves on the slide, they fell into the picture and kept on sliding down! I love serendipity......

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