Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Water Colors at Cape Henlopen

Monday evening I took Teri Lou Dantzler to Cape Henlopen, De. There is a hook on the shore and the orientation faces west so sunsets often can be spectacular there with the light house as a subject of interest. But this night we had a moderate sun set and I enjoyed the colors in the water more than the actual sunset. The soft blue and pinks charmed me into capturing some images.
The first two images here are landscape swipes, the opening image is of the Hook of sand on the cape and the image above is of the western shore dissecting the flat landscape of the Delaware bay. The images below reflect the simplicity of the landscape and the colors that reflect into the waters surface as currents run below, creating different color tones on the surface.

The image below is the Delaware Breakwater East End Lighthouse.

 Here the beach grasses are shot back-lit against the western sky.


  1. I need to spend more time down your way Karen....Begin to have an affection for that part of the country...

  2. Your images seem to speak to me, especially those of the ocean and beach. I'm a beach person stuck inland in Texas. I've really enjoyed the images the last three days.

    Last week someone told me they enjoyed looking at my blog... to which I replied I didn't know you looked at my blog, why don't you leave a comment so I'll know you are looking... well I look at your blog everyday but don't leave any comments... so today I decided to take my own advice and leave a comment.

  3. Fantastic Karen. I hope to get down with you in April. Thanks for all the hints.

  4. Jim thanks so much for letting me know you enjoy my beach images, that is very thoughtful. I am always happy to share! nanthor; Look forward to seeing you in April, always something new by the sea to learn and shoot!