Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sunrise and Sunset

Today I caught up on a little sleep as it was raining in the morning. I also processed a few more images from the last few days. I am still working on the pier and sunrise collection, so here's a few I worked on today.

The image above was created when I was on the pier shooting; this man sat down on the bench, and I decided to take his picture. Today when I developed it, more emotion came from it as I reviewed the image. When I shot it, I was thinking, yes, an elder gentleman, resting at sundown, observing the sea. Today when I looked at it some more, I realized that, my dad had worn the very same hat and coat and had the same white hair before passing eight years ago. While my dad had a little bigger stature it still stirred memories of his presence. Later on a family that was at the end of the pier came walking back and in fact it was their dad, who weary I am sure from the day decided to sit while the rest went to the end of the pier. I mistakenly thought when my eyes first fell on him, that he was just an old man alone by the sea, instead he had his family

This image I loved the repetition of the waves as they hit the shore from the overhead view on the pier, as well as the life below on the shore of the fisherman and the children building a sandcastle by the sea.

This image is a swipe of the pier pilings as the sun lit them up before sun down.
This image is from the sunrise shoot with Teri, when the sun had not come up over the horizon, the orange light of dawn was reflecting brightly  in the large windows of the ocean front beach houses. I used an image overlay in Photoshop to create the texture and finished it with a frame from onOne.

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